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Xtester-HS5944 Vibration Tester,Vibration meter

Xtester-HS5944 Vibration Tester,Vibration meter

2022-11-28 17:53:58  

Xtester-HS5944 Vibration Tester,Vibration meter

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Xtester- HS5944 vibration detector is a  kind of digital and pocket mechanical vibration measuring instrument, which  can easily measure vibration parameters such as acceleration, velocity and  displacement. Its main performance meets the requirements of ISO2954  standard. It can be used to realize the reliable quantitative evaluation of  the vibration of rotating and reciprocating machines by the methods specified  in ISO2372 and ISO2373 standards. It can provide reference for mechanical  design and manufacturing, military industry, military industry and other  industries The electric power, equipment management, transportation and  environmental protection departments provide great convenience for the  synchronous detection and monitoring of machinery and equipment failure and  aging signals, product quality control, vibration test measurement and  vibration control.


(1) 1. Vibration sensor:

Piezoelectric accelerometer,

The charge sensitivity is about 3pc /ms-2

(2) Measurement range:

Acceleration: A: 0.1-199.9m/s2, f:5~10000Hz(-3dB)

Speed: V: 0.01-19.99 cm / S,  f:10~1000Hz

Displacement: D: 1 ~ 1999umf,  f:10~1000Hz

(3) Detection characteristics:

True RMS, peak, peak to peak

(4) Output display:

3.5 bit LCD, with maximum effective value  protection Holding function, The display period is about 1 second

( 5) Analog output:

φ 3.5 dual core jack, full output 2V RMS

(6) Accuracy:

± 5%

(7) Power supply:

DC 9V, 6F22 battery

(8) Size:

138mm × 65mm × 29mm

(9) Weight:


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