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Xtester-HS5933A Vibration Tester With Printer

Xtester-HS5933A Vibration Tester With Printer

2022-11-28 17:50:15  

Xtester-HS5933A Vibration Tester With Printer

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Xtester- HS5933A environmental vibration  level analyzer is based on HS5933 environmental vibration level meter, which  has the functions of data storage, analysis and printing. It is an  intelligent, light and portable environmental vibration automatic measuring  instrument, which is composed of host and printer. The instrument has the  characteristics of automatic range conversion, LCD digital display, maximum  value holding, automatic measurement of equivalent continuous vibration  level, statistical vibration level, etc. the printer can automatically print  out various measurement results. The performance of the instrument meets the  requirements of ISO8041-1990《human body response vibration meter》for type 2 vibration measuring instrument, and meets the  requirements of ISO2631《evaluation of human whole body vibration》and GBl0071-88《measurement method of  environmental vibration in urban area》.

Xtester-HS5933A environmental vibration  level analyzer is easy to operate, easy to use and reliable. It is widely  used in labor protection, environmental protection, industrial health and  other departments.


(1) Vibration sensor:

a) Vibration sensor: piezoelectric  accelerometer,

b) voltage sensitivity: 400mV (peak) / g

c) Frequency range: 1 ~ 160hz

d) Lateral sensitivity ratio: ≤ 5%

e)Amplitude linearity: < 5%

(2) Vibration level measurement range:

60 dB - 140 dB (10-6m/s2 as reference)

(3) Frequency range:

1 ~ 80Hz

(4) Frequency weight:

vlz (whole body vertical), vlx-y (whole  body horizontal), Val (linear, acceleration level)

( 5) Time weighting:

time constant 1 second

(6) Geophone:

True RMS

(7) Automatic measurement function:

①  Measurement date setting: year, month, day, hour, minute.

②  Measurement time setting: man, 10s, 1M, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 1H, 8h, 24h, 24h.

③ Maximum  instantaneous vibration level holding and overload indication

④ The  equivalent continuous vibration level vleq value and statistical vibration  level vl10, vl50, vl90, vlmin, vlmax, SD and other data can be stored (127  groups can be stored), displayed and printed.

(8) Display:

4-digit LCD digital and symbol display

(9) Reference calibration:

Use internal electrical signal, 20Hz sine  wave.

(10) Power supply:

DC7.5V, 5*AA dry batteries, with external  power input jack.

(11) Dimension:

Host  240mm × 81mm × 31mm

Printer 178mm × 8lmm × 3lmm


Host 400g

Printer 410g

(13)Working environment:

Operating temperature - 10 ℃~ 50 ℃

Relative humidity 20% - 90%

(14) Packing list:

1*host,1*input cable,1*vibration sensor  (including one factory verification certificate),1* HS4784 printer, A charger  for printer, Five rolls of printing paper, One bracket, A clock driver, certificate  (hs5933a),User Manual, Packing Box

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