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Xtester703 Automatic oleic acid tester

Xtester703 Automatic oleic acid tester

2022-11-29 09:09:01  

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Xtester703 Automatic oleic acid tester is my company all the scientific and technical personnel, the relevant provisions of national standards, play their own advantages, after a long-term unremitting efforts, carefully research and development of high accuracy, fully digital industrial equipment. This machine is easy to operate, beautiful shape. Instrument adopt fully automatic digital computer control to acid and alkali neutralization reaction of chemical analysis as the basic framework, with the background of the self-developed deduction, and logical decision process of titration end point blank, so the measurement precision and accuracy are ideal.
Transformer and turbine oleic acid value detection is electric power system and industrial and mining enterprises of oil-filled electrical equipment regular inspection items, while type Xtester703 Automatic oleic acid tester is my company for the determination of oil acid value and the development of special equipment. The instrument with single chip microcomputer as the core, set light, machine, electricity and chemistry of multidisciplinary technology. Basic entirely replace the manual operation, improve work efficiency, and reduce the labor intensity of operators and minimize the organic solvents and other chemicals to the harm of human body.
Type Xtester703 oleic acid value tester using neutralization principle, interesting state, the microcomputer control automatically add liquid, mixing, end point of titration and judgment. Adopt touch LCD screen to select all working parameters, friendly man-machine dialogue interface simple, easy to operate, sample analysis cycle for an average of two minutes. Respectively shows up to 35 sets of determination results, and can print multiple determinations of related parameters.
Using special reagent bottle holding extract and neutralization liquid. Extract of using glass container storage to ensure that no plastic additives pollutants. Neutralization liquid storage choose polyethylene plastic, completely avoid the caustic potash may react with glass. In addition, to develop the neutralization liquid Equilibrium gas solid purification device, completely avoid the carbon dioxide and water vapor to counteract the effect of liquid concentration, more will not happen wrong high concentration of caustic potash or caustic soda purification solution used as standard solution titration of the accident. Users don't need to hand in the process of work contact with organic solvent; reduce the harm of the chemicals on the human body.


1. The linear range0.001 ~ 0.900 mgKOH/g;
2. The correlation coefficients0.999 ~ 0.9998
3. Return to charge rate98 ~ 103%
4. The minimum resolution0.001 mgKOH/g
5. Repetitive2 ~ 5% (RSD)
6. Measurement accuracy:

Acid value between 0.001 ~ 0.100 mgKOH/g is plus or minus 0.003 mgKOH/g;
Acid value in 0. 100 ~ 0.900 mgKOH/g is in value between 2 ~ 5%;
7. Displaylarge screen touch color LCD screen to Chinese characters display (full)
8.Overall dimensions(length) 430 mm * (width) 370mm * (height) 190 mm.
9. Net weight9 kg
Working conditions

1. 0 ~ 40 ℃ ambient temperature
2. The relative humidity of 85% or less
3. Work power AC 220 v + / - 10%
4. Power frequency 50 + 5 Hz
5. Power consumption < 150 W
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