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Xtester-HT-225A rebound hammer,Concrte Test Hammer

Xtester-HT-225A rebound hammer,Concrte Test Hammer

2023-12-30 16:59:36  

Superior craftsmanship, strong and durable

  • Main Features :
  • Serial No. : Xtester2200028
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Xtester-HT-225A rebound hammer,Concrte Test Hammer


Non-destructive testing for compressive strength of ordinary concrete in structural engineering.



SWP spring imported from South Korea, with good anti-ballistic performance and more fatigue resistance.

NBR sealed dust ring to ensure the inside of the fuselage is clean and extend the maintenance period.

Full CNC machining to ensure the accuracy and stability of the instrument.

Soft anti-wear hand rubber sleeve for more comfortable use.

Fine-ground spherical zeroing screws for smoother rebounding.

The high-precision aluminum alloy flange is not easy to be damaged, and the high-strength hook is resistant to wear.

Integrated design of fuselage, guide key and support, which will never be damaged and fall off.

The button is produced by a special process, which is not easily damaged.


Lifetime:More than 100,000 times

Test range: 10-60MPa

Impact Energy: 2.207J

Spring stiffness: 7.85N/cm

Impact hammer stroke: 75mm

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