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Xtester-MS400 4in1 (CO、H2S、O2、Ex)toxic and harmful gas detectorportable composite gas analyzer,GASES COMBUSTÍVEIS DE DETECTOR
Xtester-MS400 4in1 (CO、H2S、O2、Ex)toxic and harmful gas detectorportable composite gas analyzer,GASES COMBUSTÍVEIS DE DETECTOR
Xtester-MS400 4in1 (CO、H2S、O2、Ex)toxic and harmful gas detectorportable composite gas analyzer,GASES COMBUSTÍVEIS DE DETECTOR
Xtester-MS400 4in1 (CO、H2S、O2、Ex)toxic and harmful gas detectorportable composite gas analyzer,GASES COMBUSTÍVEIS DE DETECTOR

Xtester-MS400 4in1 (CO、H2S、O2、Ex)toxic and harmful gas detectorportable composite gas analyzer,GASES COMBUSTÍVEIS DE DETECTOR

2022-11-28 19:03:06  

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Default Gases to be detected

EX(Inflammable and Explosive Gases)

Other Configuration Options:



Xtester-MS400 portable gas detector can be used in: rapid detection of a variety of gas concentration and measurement of environmental temperature and humidity, if the measurement exceeded the limit value, the alarm will emit sound & light vibration as alarm. MS400 adopted 2.31-inch high-definition color screen for real-time display, adopted the gas sensors of industrially well-known brands, and the main detection principles include: electrochemical, infrared, catalytic combustion, thermal conductivity, PID photoionization, and so on. Advanced electric circuit design, mature kernel algorithm processing, unique external appearance design, had achieved a number of patents about the software works, external appearance, and so on. MS400 is suitable for detecting the concentrations of gases in the atmosphere environment in the pipeline or confined space; and the purity of the gas leakage and various high concentration single gases with the background gas as nitrogen gas or oxygen gas. The types of gases for detection are more than 500 types.


Gases to be detected

Arbitrary combination of 1 ~ 4 types of gases such as toxic gases, oxygen gas, carbon dioxide, inflammable and explosive gases, TVOC, and so on.

Optional configuration: temperature and humidity measurements.

Application scenarios

All the cases which requires the portable rapid detection of gas concentrations such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, combustion gas distribution, warehousing, smoke gas analysis, air governance, and so on.

Detection range

0 ~ 1, 10, 100, 1000, 5000, 50000, 100000ppm, 200 mg/L, 100%LEL, 20%, 50%, 100%Vol, can be selected; and other ranges can be customized.


0.01ppm or 0.001ppm (0 ~ 10 ppm);

0.01ppm (0 ~ 100 ppm),

0.1ppm (0 ~ 1000 ppm),

1ppm (0 ~ 10000 ppm or more),

0.01 mg/l (0 ~ 200 mg/l),

0.1% LEL,


0.001% Vol

Detection principle

Electrochemical, catalytic combustion, infrared, thermal conductivity, PID photoionization, and so on, depending on the type of gas, range, field environment and user demand.

Maximum allowable error

≤±3% F.S (higher precision levels can be customized)



Response time

T90≤30 seconds





Working environment

Temperature: -40 ~ + 70 , humidity: ≤10 ~ 95% RH, and built-in filters can be used in high humidity or high dust environment.

Recovery time

≤30 seconds

Sample gas temperature

-40 ~ + 70 , and the optional configuration of high-temperature sampling and cooling filter handle will be possible to detect the smoke gas at the temperature of 400 or higher.

Temperature and humidity measurement

Optional configuration: temperature at -40 ~ + 70 , accuracy level at 0.5 ; humidity at  0 ~ 100% RH,  precision level at 3 % RH

Power supply

3.7VDC4600mAh high capacity rechargeable polymer battery

Display mode

2.31-inch high-definition color screen

Detection mode

Built-in pump-suction type measurement, and flow rate at 500 ml / min. Calibration flow rate should be greater than 500 ml / min, three-way pipe should be connected, so as to ensure that the excessive gas will be discharged from the bypass

Alarm mode

It is possible to set as sound & light alarm, vibration alarm, sound & light + vibration alarm, turning off the alarm.

Communication interface

USB (charging and communication), optional: RS485 communication interface

Data storage

Standard configuration is the data storage capacity for 100, 000 entries

Protection level


Explosion-proof type

Intrinsically safe type

Explosion-proof mark

Exia II CT6

Exterior dimensions



300 g

Standard accessories

Manual, qualification certificate, warranty card, USB charger (including the data cable), high-grade aluminum instrument case, belt clip, humidity dust filter

Optional items

Temperature and humidity measurement function, 1.2 m retractable sampling handle (1-10 meter hose, and the standard length is 1 meter), 0.4 meter stainless steel sampling handle (with dust filter, not retractable), high temperature sampling and cooling filter handle, high temperature humidity pretreatment system, multiple humidity dust filter, hanging rope, CD-ROM (upper level computer communication software)

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