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Xtester-HDDH-3932 Single Cell Battery Activator

Xtester-HDDH-3932 Single Cell Battery Activator

2023-07-06 10:57:14  

Xtester-HDDH-3932 Single Cell Battery Activator

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General Information

HDDH-3932 Cell Activator is used to discharge and charge and activate for disable single cell battery, which is simple, safe and accurate test device.The instrument is with perfect protection function, sound and light alarm and clear interface tips.


● Adopt PTC ceramic resistor in avoid red-hot phenomenon to make the whole discharge process safer.
● Record total voltage and discharge current and analyze date to form data report equipped with PC software. It can display the curve and figures of storage battery group capacity performance, print and search the data .
● USB interface, it can transmit the data during the discharging to PC by USB
● It is more convenient to analyze and record the data which is measured during the discharge.
● Intelligent SCM ARM control, 7 inch 1024*600 high-definition LCD display, capacitive touch operation. It is easy to operate built-in Chinese and English menu.
● Auto emergency stop protection, over-heat protection, over-voltage protection , over-current protection and reverse polarity protection. Display the alarm tip and automatically turn off air circuit breaker .
● Set the stop condition of charge and discharge including battery voltage , charge current, the time of charge/discharge and capacity of charge/discharge. It will automatically stop the measurement with a buzzing sound and record the stop reason once it exceeds the any setting value.
● Remote control the function of charge ,discharge and  activation
● Charging, discharging and activation integrated, one machine multi-purpose;

Technical Parameter 

Application Single Cell BatteryDC  2V  6V  12V
Discharge VoltageDC 1.5-12V
Charge and discharge Current2V:0- 100A;  6V 0-60A;  12V 0-30A
Working modeSingle machine mode, parallel machine host mode, parallel machine slave mode, remote control mode
Over-protectionOver-voltage protection ,under-voltage downtime, reverse connection protection , over- temperature 65℃ , LDC display and buzzing alarm
Control AccuracyDischarge current ±1%; Group voltage ≤±0.1%
PCRS485 and USB interface
Working Environment
CoolingAir cooling
TemperatureWorking temperature: -5~50℃  storage temperature: -40~70℃
HumidityCorresponding humidity:0~90%(40±2℃)
 Altitude Altitude 4000m
Working power supply
VoltageWorking power supply: single phase AC220V(–30%~+20%)Frequency :45~65Hz;
Insulation TestInput-host shell: 2200Vdc 1min
Input -output: 2200Vdc 1min
Output-host shell: 700Vdc 1min
SafetyMeet the standard EN610950

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