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Xtester-MIX1012 Smoke Detection Sensor

Xtester-MIX1012 Smoke Detection Sensor

2022-12-08 17:20:51  

Target Gas: Smoke, C3H8 Range :200~10000ppm(C3H8) Application: Smoke detector, Portable gas detectors

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Principle Introduction
The sensing material of Xtester-MIX1012 Smoke Detection Sensor is tin dioxide SnO2, which has low conductivity in clean air. When the Smoke gas exists, the conductivity of the sensor will be raise according to the gas concentration goes up. Through a simple circuit, to convert the changes of conductivity to correspond to the gas concentration.
High sensitivity
Low cost, long life
Low power consumption
Good stability
Simple application circui
Smoke detector
Portable gas detectors
Technical Parameters
Target GasMethane/CH4
Operation voltage4.8-5.2V DC
Operation Current< 80mA average
Preheating Time≤ 3 minutes
response time(T90)<20 seconds
recovery time<60 seconds
Long Term Sensitivity Drift≤1%/year
Digital output0.00~100.0%LEL
Communication Interface5V electrical level TTL
Operation Conditions0~50℃/15~90%RH (no condensation)
Storage Conditions-20~50℃/0~60%RH (no condensation)
Weight≤ 20g
Life Expectancy≥ 10 years

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