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Xtester-MIX1006B Combustible Gas Sensor(LPG)

Xtester-MIX1006B Combustible Gas Sensor(LPG)

2022-12-08 17:09:22  

Target Gas: LPG Range :300-10000ppm(CH4,C3H8) Application: Domestic gas leakage alarm, portable gas detectors

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Principle Introduction

The sensing material of Xtester-MIX1006B is tin dioxide SnO2, which has low conductivity in clean air. When the combustible/LPG gas exists, the conductivity of the sensor will be raise according to the gas concentration goes up. Through a simple circuit, to convert the changes of conductivity to correspond to the gas concentration.

Xtester-MIX1006B Combustible(LPG) Gas Sensor has high sensitivity to LPG (propane) gas. The sensor can work in high temperature. It is low cost sensor and can be used in different applications.


* High sensitivity to wide range of combustible gas

* High sensitivity to methane

* Long life and low cost

* High ant seismic


* Domestic gas leakage detectors

* Portable gas detectors

Technical Parameters
Target GasLPG
Measurement Range300~10000ppm(CH4, C3H8)
Heater Voltage(VH)5.0V±0.1V AC or DC
Load Resistance(RL)Adjustable
Loop Voltage≤24V DC
Heater Resistance(RH)29Ω±3Ω(Room temperature)
Heater Power Consumption(PH)≤950mW
SensitivityRs(in air)/Rs(2000ppm C3H8)≥ 5
Output In Target Gas2.5~4.0V(in 2000ppm C3H8)
Testing Condition20℃±2℃;55%±5%RH
Oxygen concentration in used place21%, no less than 18%
If used in low oxygen concentration, pleasure contact for detail
Life Expectancy10 years

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