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Xtester-SMT-275 Membrane Separation Tester

Xtester-SMT-275 Membrane Separation Tester

2023-07-06 11:47:50  

Xtester-SMT-275 Membrane Separation Tester

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The qualitative and quantitative determination of the permeability, selectivity and separation rate of various gases for separation membrane.
Measurement of the gas permeability of separation membrane for single or mixed gases.
Measurement of the selectivity and separation rate of separation membrane for multi-component gas.


Differential pressure chromatography principle
One-button test, test automatically through whole process
High accuracy vacuum sensors embedded in
Chamber temperature sensor embedded in
Chamber with water bath temperature control technology (optional)
Data curves display
Unit based on embedded system,24bit Δ-Σ AD
Supports DSM system (DSM, lab data management system)


Test range
Test flow
0-100ml/min (200ml/min, 300ml/min Optional)
Vacuum accuracy
Test gas
O2, N2, CO, CO2, H2, CH4, C2H4,  C2H6, He and etc
PS: DO NOT test oxygen together with flammable and explosive gas.
Forbid to test corrosive gas.
Pressure difference
0-10bar (STD)
System pressure resistance
Temperature range
5℃~95℃, accuracy: ±0.1℃  (optional)
Test area
Φ20mm (3.14cm2)
Sample thickness
One piece
Detector sensitivity
≥ or
Detector drift
≤0.10mv. Noise: ≤0.015mv
Loading gas pressure
Loading gas
N2, H2, He, Ar and etc.
320 mm(W)×625mm(D)×335mm(H)
GC dimension
590 mm(L)×480mm(W)×500mm(H) (STD)
Power supply
AC 220V 50Hz


Delivery: Main unit, professional software,vacuum pump, tank regulator,

PCIE card, gas chromatograph, communication cable, vacuum

grease, gas pipeline.

Optional: Temperature controller, computer, DSM system.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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