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Xtester-SAT-1302T Shear Adhesion Tester

Xtester-SAT-1302T Shear Adhesion Tester

2023-07-06 14:01:45  

Xtester-SAT-1302T Shear Adhesion Tester

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For determining the ability of pressure-sensitive tapes to remain adhered under constant load applied parallel to the surface of the tape and substrate.


Embedded system, easy to remote maintenance and upgrade
Own technology design
Touch screen operation
Real color TFT LCD display
6 independent test stations in one
Embedded proximity sensor, auto start test and auto stop
Precise time control along with wide timer range
Designed based on various standards
Various temperature test


Temperature Range
room temperature–200℃ (standard)
Temperature Accuracy
Test Mass
1000g (triangle hook included)
4500g (optional)
Timer Range
0 – 10,000h
Timer Step
Test Panel
125mm (L)×50mm (B)×2.0mm (D)
125mm (L)×50mm (B)×2.0mm (D) with 120°bend (optional)
Test Station
6, independent
Roller Weight
2000g ± 50g
696mm (L)×510mm (B)×557mm (H)
AC 220V 50Hz
Net Weight


ASTM D3654, PSTC 107, GB 4851, JIS Z0237


Standard Configuration: mainframe, roller, test panel(stainless steel), test mass, power line.

Optional: load mass(non-standard).

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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