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Xtester- P-1000 Large Flow Biological Aerosol Sampler of Floating Bacteria Sampler

Xtester- P-1000 Large Flow Biological Aerosol Sampler of Floating Bacteria Sampler

2022-12-09 19:31:49  

Large Flow Biological Aerosol Sampler of Floating Bacteria Sampler

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Product Characteristics

limpact sampling

lagar plate or oil film sampling

lHigh flow, high efficiency and low damage

lSmall size, light weight, portable belt

ltemperature has a wide range of applications.

lTouch screen operation is simple and fast

lLong standby time and easy maintenance

lYou can preset or set the sampling time.

lApplicable to multiple collection environments

Product Features

Xtester-p1000 large flow biological aerosol sampler planktonic bacteria sampler Use petri dishes to collect particulate matter such as microbial aerosols in the air, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc., you can use normal agar culture medium for airborne plankton bacteria microbial sampling, and you can also use oil film for airborne microbial virus sampling, which can be combined Bacterial culture,PCR, LAMPand other detection methods monitor and study microorganisms and various chemical components in the air. This product can be used for on-site sampling of biological emergency emergencies and battlefield biological toxin sampling; it can also be widely used for air microbial aerosol particulate matter sampling in the environment of disease prevention and control, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, fermentation industry, food industry, biological cleanliness and public places, and can also be used for air microbial sampling in relevant scientific research, teaching and other institutions.

Structure Diagram


1. Filter cover 2. Sampling cylinder 3. Petri dish 4. Base 5. Touch screen 6. Switch 7. Charging port

Technical Index



Traffic range

1000 L/min

cutting point

2 μm

capture rate

more than 90% of bacteria and fungi

impact speed

15 m/s

The sampling time

30 s, 60 s, and self-set

power supply

AC/DC dual-purpose, battery powered for 3 h

working angle

0 °~20 ° (horizontal)

operating temperature

-15℃ ~ 45 ℃

Petri dish

φ 90*15mm





Collection efficiency diagram


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