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Xtester-GC-7960 Gas Chromatograph

Xtester-GC-7960 Gas Chromatograph

2023-07-06 11:54:06  

Xtester-GC-7960 Gas Chromatograph

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GC-7960 Organic Solvent Residue Tester applies to test of solvent residue on various printing films, laminated films, extrusion films, various drug-use films and sheets, meanwhile GC-7960 could test water amount in organic solvent as well, it is one highly cost-effective tester and SYSTESTER launched GC-7960 specially for food & pharmaceutical industries, quality inspection departments as well as research and development institutions.


1.Organic solvent residue test and solvent purity test combined in one.
2.Microcomputer controls, LCD displays.
3.PVC keyboard, easy to operate.
4.Dual CPUs design, excellent electromagnetic interference protection.
5.Dual FID detectors, dual gas circuits system, self-diagnosis function.
6.Ignite automatically.
7.Constant and programming temperature control function.
8.Temperature control accuracy over 0.1°C.

9.9 grades temperature programming function.(Personal customization available)
10.Temperature rising fast, highly efficient capillary column, zero-dead volume.
11.Bigger oven design.
12.Variable frequency cooling system, easy to do a nearest room temperature test.
13.Record parameters automatically even power’s down.
14.Over temperature protection function.
15.Carrier gas flow monitoring to protect TCD detector and oven column.
16.Self-diagnosis function, trouble is easy to resolve.
17.Powerful chromatographic work station.


Temperature Control

Injector: room temperature +5~450°C, accuracy ±0.1°C (at 200°C)

Detector: room temperature +5~450°C, accuracy ±0.1°C (at 200°C)

Temperature Control

room temperature +5~420°C, accuracy ±0.1°C (at 200°C)


280mm X 280mm X 250mm

Programmed Temperature

9 grades. (Personal customization available)

Programmed Temperature rising rate

1°C ~50°C

Dwell time at One Grade


Detection Limit

≤5×10-12 g/s

Baseline Noise


Baseline Drift




Signal Stabilization Time

< 20min






Standard Configuration: Gas chromatograph, FID detector, professional column, GC workstation.
Optional: Headspace injection device, air generator, hydrogen generator, nitrogen generator.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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