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Xtester-VIF6332 Electrical sealing hydrogen sealant

Xtester-VIF6332 Electrical sealing hydrogen sealant

2022-12-06 12:20:39  

Electrical sealing hydrogen sealant

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product description:

Weifu Electric Hydrogen Sealing Sealant is a non-drying paste insulating filling sealant

●Good viscosity-temperature, and the change of temperature has little effect on its viscosity

●No shrinkage, no hardening, keep adhesion to metal, ## keep viscoelasticity

●Remains inert to hydrogen, has good air tightness, and has extremely low hydrogen permeability, which is more suitable for packing groove sealing

●Environmental protection, non-toxic, non-volatile, anti-aging, insulation and temperature resistance

●It has strong cohesion, not discrete, and can be used for a long time


Suitable for groove type or flat flange type ## seal between metal and metal

●##Apply to the groove sealing of the steam end and excitation end cover of hydrogen-cooled turbo generator in power stations (including nuclear power plants)

●The flange plane sealing of the outlet bushing and outlet cover of the steam turbine generator

●Groove seal for other equipment

Packing: 2kg/can

Product name


Density (g/cm³)

Non-volatile content

Temperature resistance (℃)


Xtester-VIF 6332W

White sticky paste




Good viscosity, no drying, no shrinkage

Xtester-VIF 6332B

Black viscous paste




Mobile, convenient for construction

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