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Xtester-ETCR3660B DC resistance tester,microhmeter
Xtester-ETCR3660B DC resistance tester,microhmeter
Xtester-ETCR3660B DC resistance tester,microhmeter
Xtester-ETCR3660B DC resistance tester,microhmeter
Xtester-ETCR3660B DC resistance tester,microhmeter
Xtester-ETCR3660B DC resistance tester,microhmeter
Xtester-ETCR3660B DC resistance tester,microhmeter
Xtester-ETCR3660B DC resistance tester,microhmeter

Xtester-ETCR3660B DC resistance tester,microhmeter

2022-11-24 13:15:46  

transformer DC resistance tester

  • Main Features : Main Feature : 1.Model No.: ETCR36602.Range : 10.0uQ~50.0OKQ 3.Test Current : 10A,1A,100mA, 10mA, 2mA, 1mA,Automatic4.Max Test Current : 10A 5.Measurement Method : Precision 4-wire method, 2 chennal A/D detecting simultaneously6.Power Supply : DC 7.4V 5200mAh, rechargeable lithium battery, full charge about 8.4V
  • Serial No. :

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Product introduction

Xtester-ETCR3 660 series DC resistance tester is also known as cthe instrument adopts microprocessor technology, precise four-wire method test, accurate and reliable. Mainly used to measure transformer winding resistance; grounding conduction resistance; cable wire resistance; contact resistance of switches, connectors, and relays; metal riveting resistance; winding resistance of coils, motors, and transformers; connection resistance between metal components; electric welding point resistance ; Battery parallel connection resistance; and wire length measurement and calculation. The instrument shell adopts waterproof protective box, which is strong, safe and durable for anti-collision, drop-proof and waterproof (protection grade IP65). The instrument is also equipped with a large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery pack, which is especially suitable for use in outdoor construction sites. Widely used in construction quality inspection stations, supervision companies, construction units, lightning protection companies, electric power departments, ship locomotive factories, etc.

    The instrument has two measurement modes: automatic measurement and manual measurement. In the automatic measurement mode, the instrument automatically selects the range gear and test current. In the manual measurement mode, there are 7 range gear options to meet the requirements of users in different occasions. The instrument has the function of calculating resistance at 75°C temperature conversion, which can be compensated and converted according to the temperature and material of the test product. The instrument also has automatic discharge function, alarm function, clock function, automatic shutdown function and so on.


1. The instrument is controlled by a high-speed single-chip microcomputer, with fast response, stable measurement and easy operation.

2. Two measurement modes, automatic measurement mode: the test current can be automatically selected according to the load. 3. Manual measurement mode: 8 levels of test current 20A, 10A, 5A, 1A, 100mA, 10mA, 2mA, 1mA are available.

4. Adopt 480×854 true color LCD touch screen, clearly visible under strong light, touch screen/button dual-use. Large-capacity lithium battery and waterproof instrument box are suitable for outdoor use.

5. With Bluetooth communication, after installing the APP, you can perform test operations or view test results on your mobile phone.

6. The instrument has a USB interface and monitoring software, which can communicate with the computer.

7. The protection function is perfect, which can reliably protect the impact of the back electromotive force on the instrument, and the performance is more reliable.

8. With discharge function, automatic discharge after test, clear discharge indication, avoid misoperation.

9. It has the function of converting resistance, which can compensate and convert the temperature and material of the test product.

10. Alarm function, the resistance alarm value can be set.

11. Automatic shutdown function, automatically shuts down after 15 minutes of no operation.

Technical parameter

1. Measuring range and accuracy

Measuring range and accuracy

Measuring range



Maximum test current

































Note: The reference condition of the error range in the above table: 25°C±5°C, the maximum error in the working environment is not more than 2 times.

(When the measured resistance exceeds the current gear test range, please change the gear to a suitable range)

2. Technical specifications

power supply

DC 7.4V 10400mAh rechargeable lithium battery, the battery is fully charged at about 8.4V

test method

Precise four-wire method, 2-way A/D simultaneous detection

test mode

automatic / manual



test current

20A, 10A, 5A, 1A, 100mA, 10mA, 2mA, 1mA, automatic

temperature measurement

Range: -55℃~125℃; Accuracy: ±0.5℃

measure time

Sampling AD rate 1 second/time

data storage

600 groups (data will not be lost when power failure or battery replacement)

Alarm settings

Alarm threshold setting range: 1mΩ~2500Ω, 0Ω does not activate the alarm function, and does not activate the alarm function every time it is turned on


When the test value exceeds the alarm setting value, the buzzer will sound an alarm prompt

test instructions

The blue TESTING light flashes during the test

charging indication

The indicator light on the charger is red when charging, and green when fully charged

data retention

Automatically keep displaying the measured results after each test

Backlight adjustment

Drag the slider to adjust the brightness

clock function

24-hour format, display hours, minutes, seconds

Converted Resistance Calculation

It is converted according to the temperature and material of the tested product.

discharge function

Automatic discharge after test, clear discharge indication, avoid misoperation

Automatic shut-down

Automatic shutdown after 15 minutes of no operation

test line

1 red and black: 5m long; 1 temperature sensor: 1m long; 1 ground wire: 2.5m long

display mode

480×854 true color LCD touch screen

display size

62.1mm (W) × 110.4mm (H)

Host size



About 2094g (including battery); total mass: about 4.66kg (including accessories)

overflow display

Over-range overflow function: digital 99999 over-limit display

low voltage indication

When the battery voltage drops to DC 7.2V±0.1V, the battery voltage and power display will be red, reminding the meter to charge in time

Working temperature and humidity

-10℃~40℃; below 80%rh

storage temperature and humidity

-10℃~60℃; below 70%rh

degree of protection

IP65 (when the cover is closed)

USB interface

With USB interface, software monitoring, stored data can be uploaded to the computer

Pressure resistance

AC 3700V/rms (between shell and screw)

Suitable for safety regulations

IEC61010-1, CAT Ⅲ 600V, pollution degree 2, JJG724-1991 "Verification Regulations for DC Digital Ohmmeter", JJG166-1993 "Verification Regulations for DC Resistors", "DL/T967-2005 Loop Resistance Tester and DC Resistance Fast Tester Verification Regulations"

Product number

Product number

Measuring range

highest resolution

Maximum test current









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