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Xtester-DT-328E  23Lamps Stroboscope, UV ink printing detection stroboscope
Xtester-DT-328E  23Lamps Stroboscope, UV ink printing detection stroboscope
Xtester-DT-328E  23Lamps Stroboscope, UV ink printing detection stroboscope
Xtester-DT-328E  23Lamps Stroboscope, UV ink printing detection stroboscope

Xtester-DT-328E 23Lamps Stroboscope, UV ink printing detection stroboscope

2024-05-10 09:34:11  

Xtester-DT-328E 23Lamps Stroboscope, UV ink printing detection stroboscope

  • Main Features :
  • Serial No. : Xtester2400838
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Xtester-DT-328E 23Lamps(9lamps optional) Stroboscope,UV ink printing detection stroboscope,Detecting defects in gravure printing,flexo printing and high speed object inspection and speed testing.


  The stroboscope Xtester-DT-2019EL is our latest developed new energy product, which use America CREE high power LED lamps and have the characteristics of wide measurement range, high brightness, uniform brightness, long life time, it can be used any time and any where, lightweight and compact design. Easy to operate with the thumb, built-in lithium battery, single use for more than 5 hours.        

This instrument used to measure movement of objects, when strobe flash speed same

with high speed moving objects, what we see is a relatively static state. Under this principle we can clearly observe movement of the gear wheels, working condition of all kinds of rotor.
        This instrument is also widely used in packaging and printing industries, check printing quality, die cutting, punching, folding; Used for textile spinning and winding machine spindle speed measurement; Used in machinery manufacturing non-contact speed oscillation amplitude and vibration frequency measurement, detection, tool wear and machining center; Can also be used in aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, printing, mining, shipbuilding, steel cable, chemical, optical, medical and other industries.


1. Charging Voltage:                                                                   DC10.8V  
2. Power : 
about 90W   
3. Lamp Spec.: 
Original America CREE 10W LED Lamp  
4.  Battery: 
Lithium Rechargeable Battery, 450MA
5.  Battery Running time: 
above 5 hours 
6. Trigger Mode: 
Internal Trigger and External Tigger.
7. Flash Frequency Range: 
60-120,000 FPM/min.   
8. Net weight: 


1,Flexible Packaging, 

2,Label Printing,

3,Rotational speed measurement,


5,Die cutting position,

6,UV Inspection,Lab optical imaging


LED Standard ModelHigh Performace model
LED Wide web fixed model
LED Portable modelLED Synchronization ModelLaser synchronization high power modelLED Laser enhanced model
ModelXtester-DT328E(23PCS LED)
Xtester-DT326E(23PCS LED)Xtester-DT329EXtester-DT2018EXtester-DT2019ELXtester-BST-333EXteser-DT330EL
UnitFPM /HZ(it can bu switched under parameter setting mode)
Measuring range
Setting accuracy(internal vibration)0.01%±1 digit(25℃)
Setting the resolution(internal trigger)1-200Hz, 0.001Hz
36-12000FPM,±0.6FPM1-200Hz, ±0.001Hz
0.6-200Hz, ±0.01Hz200.1-2000Hz, ±0.002Hz
60-12000FPM,0.1Fpm2000-120000FPM, ±6FPM60-12000FPM, 0.1FPM
12000-120000FPM, 1FPM200.01-2000Hz, ±0.1Hz12000-120000FPM, 1FPM

120000-120,0000FPM, ±30FPM

2000-2000Hz, ±0.5Hz
ModeInternal ModeFresh frequency settingAdjust flash frequency to any data
Switch function

The flash frequency can be doubled or halved when you press the key.

Press this key the flash frequency  increases or decreases two times,four times.

Phase +/-FunctionPress this key, it will decrease  or increase 3based on the original data
Unit switch functionIt can be switched  to "Fpm" or "Hz"
External Mode 1
External mode 2Support
Auto scan mode
Auto laser flahs mode
Parameter Setting
Luminous time duty
Signal Tracking
Delay TimeSupport
Power saving functionLCD Auto Shut down
Working time settingSet the working time,the LCD will auto shut off when the pre-set working time is over
DisplayLCD6 Lines digital display, setting display
Backlightwhite LED
Battery running time
Working temperature0-35o
Working humidity
Working environment
The place of dust, corrosive gas
Environmental Resistance
It is not waterproof and explosion-proof type


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