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Xtester-MIX2112 Air quality Detection Module

Xtester-MIX2112 Air quality Detection Module

2022-12-09 11:15:02  

Target Gas: TVOC Range : Application: Air purifier, HAVC refrigeration

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Principle Introduction
Xtetster-MIX2112 air-quality module adopts semiconductor gas sensor. The module has good sensitivity to volatile organic gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen, alcohol and smoke of cigarette, essence &etc. The module has been aging, debugged, adjusted and calibrated. So it has good consistency and high sensitivity.
Lower power consumption , High sensitivity , Four levels index of air quality , Calibrated before shipment , Long life
Air purifier , Automatic fans , HAVC refrigeration , Indoor air quality monitoring , Intelligent integrated
Technical Parameters
Target GasTVOC (Formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, alcohol, ammonia, smoke of cigarette, essence &etc.)
Operating Voltage4.8~5.2V DC
Operating Current < 60mA average
Preheating Time≤ 3 minutes
Response Time (T90)< 20 seconds
Recovery Time< 60 seconds
Long Term Sensitivity Drift≤1%/year
Data Output0~3 levels index of air quality, 0 is good, 3 is polluted air
Communication interfaceTTL level 5V
Operating Conditions0~50℃/15~90%RH(no condensation)
Storage Conditions-20~50℃/0~60%RH(no condensation)
Weight≤ 20g
Size24×20×15 (mm)
Life Expectancy>10 years

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