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Xtester-9100 Lightning Strike Counter Tester

Xtester-9100 Lightning Strike Counter Tester

2024-07-04 12:02:55  

Xtester-9100 Lightning Strike Counter Tester

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Xtester-9100 Lightning Strike Counter Tester

Brief introduction

Due to poor sealing, moisture may enter the lightning strike counter, so that the internal components are rusted, resulting in failure to work normally. The operation reliability of lightning strike counter is very important for power system, and it is an important statistical parameter to record the lightning strike times of arrester in normal operation. It can provide important basis for power system staff to inspect lightning arresters. Therefore, the Regulation stipulates that the lightning strike counter should be checked at least once a year.

This instrument is used to verify the reliability of various lightning arrester counters. It is applicable to valve type Arresters (including silicon carbide ordinary valve types < FZ and FCD > and silicon carbide magnetic blow valve types < FCZ and FCD > and the inspection and verification of discharge action of discharge recorder in zinc oxide arresters). The instrument complies with the power industry standard DL474.5-92 "guidelines for the implementation of on-site insulation test - arrester test". It applicable to the tests under various conditions such as power plants, substations, repair workshops and laboratories. This instrument adopts hand-held design, beautiful appearance and easy to carry. It replaces the traditional bulky test instruments and test methods for the action test of arrester counters, and is deeply welcomed by the majority of professionals.

Performance characteristics

1,Test principle: Adopts the capacitance charge-discharge method: The charge time is short and the discharge speed is fast.
2,Output voltage adjustable: High-voltage output 200V ~ 1600V adjustable, step-by-step 200V, can meet all kinds of counter action voltage.
3,Safe and reliable: The instrument shell is made of ABS plastic material, the high-voltage output has no metal exposure, the operator is safe and can’t be shocked.
4,Test Times: One charge can be operated continuously more than 2000 times.
5,Self-discharge function: After charging, if no test, two minutes automatic discharge high voltage
6,Meet different needs: The instrument is equipped with a set of test lines and a telescopic rod, which can meet the requirements of different tests.

7,Meet different needs: The instrument is equipped with a set of test lines and a telescopic rod, which can meet the requirements of different tests.

Technical parameter

Voltage output



Discharge current

Greater than 100A, The output impulse current conforms to the waveform 8 / 20 μ S

Working temperature


Relative humidity

≤80%RH  No condensation

Working power

Internal rechargeable lithium battery

Battery capacity




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