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Xtester-ETCR8700 Wireless Remote Leakage Current Detetor
Xtester-ETCR8700 Wireless Remote Leakage Current Detetor
Xtester-ETCR8700 Wireless Remote Leakage Current Detetor
Xtester-ETCR8700 Wireless Remote Leakage Current Detetor

Xtester-ETCR8700 Wireless Remote Leakage Current Detetor

2022-11-18 22:15:24  

Wireless Remote Leakage Current Detetor

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Xtester-ETCR8700 Wireless Remote Leakage Current Detetor,power failure detector,monitor

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MEWOI9700 Power Failure/Leakage Current Remote Alarm Monitor, Suitable for remote online monitoring of power failure,  power supply restoration, leakage current, range:0.00mA~60.0A. Through the built-in GSM/GPRS module, send alarm SMS to the designated mobile phone number, it belongs to the industrial GSM/2G/3G/4G alarm monitoring instrument. It can also connect the temperature, humidity and human body infrared sensors and other sensors through the input expansion port, and control the remote relay and other equipment through the output expansion port. Widely applicable to all kinds of need power failure alarm, leakage monitoring alarm, remote control start and stop and other places.

The detector consists of host, alarm cell phone, current sensor, GSM/GPRS module, host computer software, power adapter, etc. The host monitors 1-channel current (LCD display current value), 1-channel external power  intact or break status (i.e. the intact or break status of the power supply), 3-channel extended input interface (DC 0 ~ 12V analog voltage), 3-channel extended output control interface (on/off: DC 12V/0V). With built-in large-capacity lithium battery  which has the function of charging management. When the external power supply is disconnected, the built-in lithium battery will continue to supply power to the host engine, comprehensively realizing the functions of remote monitoring, alarm and control .Current sensor is spilt type CT , very suitable for online installation, coil diameter for Φ 40 mm, users can according to the requirements to purchase different diameter current sensor.

This meter has two communication modes: GSM wireless communication mode, RS485 wired communication mode, in GSM wireless communication mode, between the host and alarm mobile phone adopt GSM short message communication, as long as there is GSM signal can communicate, not limited by distance, suitable for long-distance monitoring alarm. The user can also develop upper computer software separately according to the provided GSM SMS instruction protocol. RS485 wired communication which is adopted RS485 communication between the host and the computer. The host provides an RS485 interface and MODBUS protocol. Users can conduct secondary development according to the provided protocol. Wire communication suitable for short distance monitoring alarm.


FunctionRemote online current/leakage current monitoring, leakage alarm, power failure alarm, normal power supply indication; Remote monitoring and alarm of other sensors and equipment; It can also be used as a circuit burglar alarm
Channel1 channel current, 1 channel power, 3 channel extended input signal (DC 0-9V analog voltage), 3 channel extended output control signal (on/off: DC12V/0V), single channel max load 500mA, 3 channel output total load max 18W
Power SupplyPower supply by external power adaptor:AC110V~240V change to DC12V/2A
Built-in BatteryRechargeable lithium battery: 3.7V, 3000mAh, repeat charge around 1000 times
CT CaliberФ40mm(optional with Ф10mm、Ф25mm、Ф80mm)
Current Range0.00mA~60.0A AC(The range can be customized according to the demand 0~1000A)
Current Resolution0.01mA AC
Current Accuracy±2%rdg±5dgt
Current ShiftAutomatically
Inspection SpeedAbout 1 times/second
Communication ModeGPRS, RS485
SIM Card slotexternal type, convenient to insert and take the card
SIM Card Type3G,4G
SIM Card SizeStandard size card
Antenna50Ω SMA antenna
Host Dimension100mm×73mm×35mm
CT Size95mm×88mm×31mm
CT Lead Cable1M
CT Lead Cable InterfaceФ3.5mm audio plug
InstallationGuide rail fixed or screw fixed to installation; guide width: 35mm, screw fixed hole:Ф3.5mm
Installation SizeGuide rail width: 35mm, screw fixed hole: Ф3.5mm
RS485 Interface3.5mm-3P plug terminal
Extend Interface3.5mm-12P plug terminal
Extend InputIN1~IN3:allow DC0~9V analog voltage input
Extend OutputOutput voltage DC12V (open), or low voltage 0V (close)
Leakage Current AlarmWhen the current or leakage current of the monitored point exceeds the set alarm critical value, the monitoring point host sends leakage alarm information to the server.
LCDDisplay current or leakage current value
CHARGE LightCharge indication light, In charging, the charger indicator lamp light on red, full charge light on green
POWER OFF ALARM LightWorking indication light, flashes in normal working
NET LightGPRS net indication light, GPRS module initialization does not light, GPRS module normal work will light all the time, receiving and sending will flashing 2 seconds
Host Consumption<2W
Insulation StrengthAC 2KV/rms ( between shell and the screw)
Suitable Safety StandardCAT Ⅲ(600V)
Accessory1,Host (Built-in GPRS Module)*1,2,Current Sensor*1,3,Power Adapter*1,4,Antenna*1,5,SIM Card(Equipped by user),6,Manual+Certifiate+Warranty Card

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