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Xtester-ETCR3250 Untie-free tower grounding resistance tester,measuring earth resistance in power transmission towers and substation

Xtester-ETCR3250 Untie-free tower grounding resistance tester,measuring earth resistance in power transmission towers and substation

2022-09-16 23:45:54  

ETCR3250 Untie-free tower grounding resistance tester,measuring earth resistance in power transmission towers and substation

  • Main Features : measuring earth resistance in power transmission towers and substation meshes
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Xtester-ETCR3250 Untie-free tower grounding resistance tester,measuring earth resistance in power transmission towers and substation



The Xtester-ETCR3250 detachable pole and tower grounding resistance tester is specially designed and manufactured for measuring the grounding resistance of poles and towers on site. Transmission line towers usually have 2 or 4 down conductors. When using the ground pile method or the clamp meter method to measure the grounding resistance, the connection between the down conductor and the ground electrode needs to be disconnected, and the measurement operation is cumbersome and the workload is large. The instrument adopts the 4-clamp method to measure the grounding resistance value of the tower. There is no need to unbutton during the measurement. Wireless communication is used between the 4 current clamps and the host computer. The on-site measurement is fast and safe, which greatly reduces the work intensity of the operators and improves the work efficiency.

The instrument can also use 2-wire method, 3-wire method and 4-wire method to measure grounding resistance, soil resistivity; AC current; grounding voltage. It has unique anti-interference ability and environmental adaptability, and has good consistency of repeated tests, ensuring high precision, high stability and high reliability of long-term measurement. The 4 current clamps configured by the instrument can be used independently as clamp ammeters for testing AC current.

        The Xtester-ETCR3250 free-to-open tower grounding resistance tester consists of a host, 4 current clamps, test leads, auxiliary grounding rods, communication cables, printers, etc. The host adopts a 7-inch color screen, and the test results are clear at a glance. The current clamp and the host use wireless communication. The instrument also has Bluetooth communication. After downloading the APP, you can test and view the test results on the mobile phone. The meter is equipped with a built-in printer to print test results on site. The instrument can store 100 sets of data, upload the test results through the host computer software, and realize the functions of reading, viewing, saving, reporting, and printing historical data. The instrument shell adopts a waterproof protective box, which is anti-collision, anti-drop, waterproof (protection grade IP65), sturdy, safe and durable. The instrument is also equipped with a large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery pack, which is especially suitable for use in outdoor construction sites

Measurement Accuracy

Measurement function

Measuring range



Ground resistance ( R )

(4 clamp method)

0.10Ω ~ 20.00Ω



20.0Ω ~ 200.0Ω


Ground resistance ( R )

0.10Ω ~ 20.00Ω



20.0Ω ~ 200.0Ω



200Ω ~ 2000Ω


2.00kΩ ~ 20.00kΩ



Soil resistivity ( ρ )

0.00Ωm ~ 99.99Ωm

(ρ = 2πaR a : 1m ~ 100m ;

π = 3.14)


100.0Ωm ~ 999.9Ωm


1000Ωm ~ 9999Ωm



(ρ = 2πaR a : 1 m ~ 100m ;

π = 3.14)






AC current (A~)










Ground voltage (V~)




Technical Specifications

power supply

DC 7.4V 5200mAh rechargeable lithium battery, the battery is fully charged about 8.4V


4 clamp method to measure ground resistance: 200Ω

Grounding resistance: 0.00Ω~20.00kΩ

Soil resistivity: 0.00Ωm~9000kΩm

AC current: 1.00mA~500.0A

Ground voltage: 0.0V~200.0V

Measurement methods

Tower grounding resistance: 4 clamp method

Grounding resistance: rated current pole change method

Soil resistivity: quadrupole method (Wenner method)

AC current: clamp CT, RMS acquisition

Ground voltage: voltage division, RMS acquisition

Current clamp diameter


Test frequency


Short circuit test current

AC 55mA max

Open circuit test voltage

AC 15V max

Test voltage waveform

sine wave

display mode

7-inch color screen, LCD size: 151mm×83mm

Meter size

Height, width and thickness: 355mm×272mm×164mm

Standard test lead

4 strips: red 20m, black 20m, yellow 10m, green 10m 1 each

Simple test lead

2: Red 1.6m, 1 black 1.6m each

Auxiliary ground rod

4 pieces: φ10mm×250mm (about 935g)

measure time

Grounding resistance, soil resistivity: about 30 seconds/time

Communication Interface

With USB interface, software monitoring, storage data can be uploaded to the computer, save and print



data storage

100 groups, " 001/100 " storage indication, display " 100/100 " means the storage is full

overflow display

" OL " symbol indicates when overrange overflow occurs

Auxiliary ground test

With auxiliary ground resistance value test function, 0.00KΩ~20kΩ (100 R + rC<20kΩ, 100 R + rP <20kΩ)

Alarm function

When the measured value exceeds the alarm setting value, the alarm symbol of “Sir” will prompt

Automatic shut-down

30 minutes after power on, automatic shutdown

battery voltage

When the battery voltage drops to about DC 7.2V±0.1V, the low battery voltage symbol "" will be displayed to remind the meter that it needs to be charged

Working current

Standby: about 400mA; measurement: about 550mA


Meter: about 2810g (including battery); current clamp: about 500g × 4; total mass: about 8800g (including accessories)

Working temperature and humidity

-10℃~40℃; below 80%rh

Storage temperature and humidity

-20℃~60℃; below 70%rh

Overload protection

Measuring ground resistance: AC 280V/3 seconds between each port of C(H)-E and P(S)-ES

Protection class

IP65 (with lid closed)

Insulation resistance

Above 20MΩ (500V between circuit and case)

Suitable for safety regulations

IEC61010-1 (CAT III 300V, CAT IV 150V, pollution degree 2); IEC61010-031; IEC61557-1 (grounding resistance); IEC61557-5 (soil resistivity); JJG 366-2004.

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