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Xtester-JT2021  Temperature and humidity measuring
Xtester-JT2021  Temperature and humidity measuring
Xtester-JT2021  Temperature and humidity measuring
Xtester-JT2021  Temperature and humidity measuring

Xtester-JT2021 Temperature and humidity measuring

2022-12-29 09:49:38  

Temperature and humidity measuring

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Temperature and humidity measuring instrumentThree probes can be connected simultaneously

Xtester-JT2021 Handheld Temperature and Humidity Tester can test parameters such as

temperature, relative humidity, dew point (DP), etc. lt is a professional temperature andhumidity test handheld instrument. It can connect three temperature and humidityprobes at the same time, including: economical temperature and humidity probe, metalType temperature and humidity probe, high-precision temperature and humidity probe,built-in 16GB memory card, can store massive data, large-capacity rechargeable lithiumbattery can ensure the measurement of more than 8 days of battery life, the screenintuitively displays the measurement data and can display the measurement curve, cancount the maximum Statistics such as value, minimum, average, etc.

Xtester-JT2021 Unique Features

Metal temperature and humidity probes can be inserted into soft materials or stacksto measure internal temperature and humidity

The host can be connected to three temperature and humidity probes at the sametime, and can measure at the same time

Three temperature and humidity probes can be configured individually

The host is compatible with rotronic high-precision temperature and humidityprobes


Split design, easy maintenance

Real-time measurement curve display, viewing temperature and humidity trendsBuilt-in high-capacity memory card, which can record massive measurement dataThe sensor can be independently disassembled for easy replacement and maintenanceDifferent probes adapt to different application scenarios

Measurable temperature, humidity, wet bulb temperature, dew point temperatureLED color LCD screen

Three-channel temperature and humidity switching display (three probes need to beconnected at the same time) real-time calculation of dew point temperature and wetbulb temperature

Draw the last 15min historical curve graph in real time

Real-time calculation of maximum. minimum and average temperature and humidity


Professional temperature and humidity monitoringfields with high standard requirements such as buildingenvironment testing. HVAC public place environmentalmonitoring, internal temperature and humidity

detection of laboratory stacks.and internal temperatureand humidity monitoring of grain storage.

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