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Xtester-SPM-20 Electric hydraulic punching machine

Xtester-SPM-20 Electric hydraulic punching machine

2023-01-04 14:00:42  

Electric hydraulic punching machine

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lt is suitable for drilling operations such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum plate,forming steel, channel steel and I-beam. It is small in size, light in weight, easy tooperate, labor-saving and quick punching.

Technical Parameters

Hydraulic ram output(T)Voltage(V)Power(W)Punching speed
Throat depth(mm)Standard accessories(m㎡)Net weight/gross weight(kg)Maximum thickness(mm)
15220/110900(1050)About 2~3 seconds40Φ6.5,Φ9,Φ13,Φ17,Φ20.512/206
Package size(mm)545×150×300Note: (non-standard molds can be customized ≤ 20.5)

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