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Xtester-ETCR7350 Flexible Clamp Power Meter,wattmeter
Xtester-ETCR7350 Flexible Clamp Power Meter,wattmeter
Xtester-ETCR7350 Flexible Clamp Power Meter,wattmeter
Xtester-ETCR7350 Flexible Clamp Power Meter,wattmeter
Xtester-ETCR7350 Flexible Clamp Power Meter,wattmeter
Xtester-ETCR7350 Flexible Clamp Power Meter,wattmeter
Xtester-ETCR7350 Flexible Clamp Power Meter,wattmeter
Xtester-ETCR7350 Flexible Clamp Power Meter,wattmeter

Xtester-ETCR7350 Flexible Clamp Power Meter,wattmeter

2024-07-01 19:28:18  

Flexible Clamp Power Meter/Flexible coil large current Clamp Meter

  • Main Features : Main Features:Model No.:: Xtester-ETCR7350Measure three-phase AC voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, total power, the phase between current and voltage, the phase between phase voltage, frequency, electric energy, phase sequence, etc. Current measurement: 0.0A~ 6000A Voltage measurement: 0.00V~600V Phase measurement: 0.0°~360° Data Storage: 200 groups
  • Serial No. :
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Xtester-ETCR7350 flexible clamp power meter is a specially developed by our company for on-site measurement of three-phase AC voltage, current, phase between voltage, phase between voltage and current, frequency, phase sequence, electric energy, active power, reactive power, Multifunctional, digital smart meter for apparent power, power factor, total power, etc. The clamp meter adopts flexible Rogowski coils, which is very convenient to use and is fully compatible with the functions of large-diameter clamp ammeters and power clamp meters. The phase relationship between them, check whether the wiring of the watt-hour meter is correct or not, and repair line equipment, etc., provide a safe, accurate and convenient new type of power meter for electricity inspectors.

The flexible current clamp , Rogowski Coil (Rogowski coil), adopts advanced Rogowski coil technology, which is a toroidal coil uniformly wound on non- ferromagnetic materials , without hysteresis effect , almost zero phase error, no magnetic saturation phenomenon, linear High accuracy, strong anti-interference ability. The output signal is the differential of the current with respect to time. By integrating the output voltage signal, the input current can be truly restored. The measured current range can range from milliamps to tens of thousands of amperes. The coil part of the flexible current clamp does not have any exposed metal conductors, non-contact measurement, safe and fast; it is small in size, light in weight, beautiful in appearance, soft and flexible, suitable for narrow environments and places with dense wiring; high measurement accuracy, strong reliability, The response frequency is wide, and users can customize the coil length according to their needs.

Xtester-ETCR7350 flexible clamp power meter is small in size and light in weight. It is very convenient and easy to operate on site and has high measurement accuracy. The instrument has a USB communication interface and can store data. Upload the stored data to the computer through the system software to realize historical data reading and query. , save, print and other functions. The instrument also has a backlight function and a data retention function, which is an essential tool for electrician safety testing.



Current Measurement

Range: AC 0.00mA~6000A        Accuracy: ±0.5%Fs     Resolution: 0.1A

Voltage Measurement

Range: AC 0.01V~600V          Accuracy: ±0.5%Fs    Resolution: 0.01V

Active Power Measurement

Range: 0.00W~ 3600kW          Accuracy: ±1%Fs      Resolution: 0.01W

Apparent Power Measurement

Range: 0.00VA~3600kVA        Accuracy: ±1%Fs       Resolution: 0.01VA

Reactive Power Measurement

Range: 0.00var~3600kvar       Accuracy: ±1%Fs       Resolution: 0.01var

Power Factor Measurement

Range: 0.300~1.000             Accuracy: ±0.5%Fs    Resolution: 0.001

Electric Energy Measurement

Range: 0.00Wh~3600kWh       Accuracy: ±0.5%Fs     Resolution: 0.01Wh

Frequency Measurement

Range: 25.0Hz~600.0Hz         Accuracy: ±0.5Hz      Resolution: 0.1Hz

Phase Measurement

Range: 0.0°~360.0°             Accuracy: ±0.5°        Resolution: 0.1°

Power Supply


Working Current

Backlight open 80mA;  Backlight close 50mA



Meter Dimension


CT Size

φ200mm(can be customized size according to user requirements)

Sampling Rate

2 times/second


50Hz ,60Hz automatic identification

Communication Interface

With USB interface, storage data can be uploaded to computer, convenient to data analyze, communication cable length: 1.8m

Data Storage

200 groups , flash display “FULL” symbol indicate storage full

Data Hold

Data hold function: “HOLD” symbol display

Overflow Display

Exceed measure range overflow function: “OL” symbol display

Auto Shut Down

15 minutes after power on, it will shut down automatically without any operation to reduce the power consumption.

Battery Voltage

While battery voltage is lower than 5.2V. low battery voltage symbol display, remind to replace the battery


Yes, Controlled by “ * ”key

Working Temperature

-10oC~40oC, Below 80%rh


Meter: 1PCS; Test Wires:4PCS(each of yellow, green, red, black); USB communication cable: 1PCS; Software CD: 1COPY; Meter Case: 1PCS

Packing Details

PackageOuter PackageCarton
Inner PackageCloth bag
AccessoryMeter1 PCS
Insulation Rod (1M)5 PCS
Tool Bag1 PCS
Manual1 PCS
Certificate1 PCS
Warranty Card1 PCS

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