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Xtester-ETCR1000D Digital Phase sequence detector,phase
Xtester-ETCR1000D Digital Phase sequence detector,phase
Xtester-ETCR1000D Digital Phase sequence detector,phase
Xtester-ETCR1000D Digital Phase sequence detector,phase

Xtester-ETCR1000D Digital Phase sequence detector,phase

2023-06-17 15:53:06  

ETCR1000D Digital Phase sequence detector,phase

  • Main Features : 1.Model No.:ETCR1000D,2.Test Method: Non-contact type,3.Live Electricity Range: AC 70~100ov,4.Frequency Range: 45~65Hz,5.Clamp Wire Diameter: 10~↓40mm,6.Power Supply: DC 3V AA alkaline batteries (LR6)×2PCS
  • Serial No. :
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Safe and Time Saving

Traditional phase sequence measurement methods must poke the three-phase wire terminal, and connect the three bare alligator clips or test pins of phase sequence meters to the three bare firing lines, while ETCR1000D uses clamp non-contact measurement, without taking off the wire and no need to contact high-voltage bare fire-wire, the test can be made by directly clamping the three-phase insulating sheath by three super-sensitive high-insulated clamps. Conducting measurement on sheathed cable significantly improves the safety of field testing, effectively protect the operator’s personal safety and increase productivity!

Convenient Operation

Instrument base plate is provided with magnet, instrument can adsorbed on the metal shell when testing, the operation more convenient.


In addition to phase sequence detection, it also has the functions of live wire examination, simple power detection, fire-wire identification, phase deficiency determination, break location detection, DC line break and line maintenance, equivalent to 3 induction electric pens.

Dynamic Display

LED dynamic display, intuitive and clear

Sensitive and reliable

More sensitive ETCR1000D clamp, can even sense the AC voltage signal as low as a few Volts, with a wider range of live electricity.

Beautiful and scientific

The three clamps of ETCR1000D are in three colors, Red, Yellow and Green; It is more in line with the distinction of three-phase line, and more scientific and artistic overall appearance.

Ultra-low Power Consumption

ETCR1000D has a better power-saving performance with the maximum rated power of 100mVA.
Technical Specification


Phase detection (normal phase, reverse phase and phase deficiency), Live wire examination, Simple Power detection, Breakpoint location and Line maintenance. 

Power Supply

DC3V AA Mn batteries (R6P) ×2 PCS, Continuously working for 200 hours

AC Voltage Range(V)

AC70~1000V, 40~70Hz (Sine Wave Continuous Input)

Clamp Wire Size

Diameter ø10-ø40mm

LED Display

【Positive Phase Sequence】

The four phase-sequence lamps blink in order (clockwise).

【Negative Phase Sequence】

The four phase-sequence lamps blink in order (counterclockwise).

【Line-voltage Indication】L1、L2、L3  lamp light up.

【Default Phase】L1/L2/L3  lamp is off.

【Open Circuit】L1/L2/L3  lamp is off.


(Positive Phase Sequence)The instrument sends out short sounding sounds;

(Negative Phase Sequence)The instrument makes a continuous sound.

Power On Indication

Power On indication light turns on
Magnetic BaseMagnetic base allows the instrument to be secured on a distribution panel

Auto Power off

After 5minutes, the meter automatically cut off power supply.

Meter Dimension

Width, height, thickness 70mm*75mm*30mm

Clamp Lead Length


Meter Weight

180g (with battery)

Working Temperature and Humidity

-10℃~55℃; below 80%rh

Storage Temperature and Humidity

-20℃~60℃; below 90%rh

Maximum Measured Voltage


Dielectric Strength


Maximum rated Power


Safety Provisions

EN61010-1: 2001, EN61010-031: 2002, Pollution level 2, CAT Ⅲ(600V), Transient over-voltage 6000V


Meter: 1 Piece; Carrying case; 1 Piece.


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ModelFunctionDisplayMax Dimension to be clampedDimension (mm)Range
ETCR1000CMEWOI2000D.jpgPhase detection (Normal, Reverse) LED
Continuously using 200 hoursBase plate with magnet,more convenient

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