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Xtester-MIX8121 Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Detection Sensor

Xtester-MIX8121 Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Detection Sensor

2022-12-12 15:14:39  

Target Gas: CO2,Carbon Dioxide Range :350~10000ppm (CO2) Application: Air purifier, HAVC refrigeration, Indoor air quality monitoring

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Principle Introduction

The Carbon Dioxide(CO2) gas sensor is for air quality. It is chemical type gas sensor that adopts solid electrolyte cell principle, used to detect carbon dioxide. When sensors are exposed to CO2, battery is positive and negative electrode reaction, the CO2 sensor produces electromotive force between sensitive electrode and reference electrode, the output voltage signal can be detected carbon dioxide.


High sensitivity to CO2 

Low cost,   long life 

Good stability 

Simple application circuit

Low power consumption


Air purifier,  HAVC refrigeration,  Indoor air quality monitoring,  Intelligent integrated ceiling,  Range hood, air conditioner

Technical Parameters

Target GasCO2
Measurement Range350~10000ppm (CO2)
Heater Voltage(VH)5V±0.1V AC or DC
Heater Resistor(RH)60Ω±5Ω(Room Temp.)
Power consumption(PH)450mW±50mW
SensitivityRs(in air)/Rs(50ppm alcohol)≥ 5
Concentration Slope≤0.6 (R50ppm/R30ppm alcohol)
Testing condition20±2℃, 55%±5%RH
Zero EM F200-500mV
Output signal  △EM F≧25mV/1000ppmCO2

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