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Xtester-ETCR3000C Digital Earth Resistance Tester,earth ground tester,ground tester
Xtester-ETCR3000C Digital Earth Resistance Tester,earth ground tester,ground tester
Xtester-ETCR3000C Digital Earth Resistance Tester,earth ground tester,ground tester
Xtester-ETCR3000C Digital Earth Resistance Tester,earth ground tester,ground tester
Xtester-ETCR3000C Digital Earth Resistance Tester,earth ground tester,ground tester
Xtester-ETCR3000C Digital Earth Resistance Tester,earth ground tester,ground tester

Xtester-ETCR3000C Digital Earth Resistance Tester,earth ground tester,ground tester

2022-09-16 15:48:13  

2/3Wires Earth Resistance Tester

  • Main Features : 1. Earth resistance measurement, Range: 0.010Ω~2000Ω 2. Earth voltage measurement,Range: AC 0~600V 3. Data storage: 400 sets 4. Alarm function: audible and visual alarm
  • Serial No. :
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Xtester-ETCR3000C Digital Earth Resistance Tester specially designed and manufactured for the field measurement of ground resistance, adopts digital and micro-processing technology, 3 wire or 2 wire method to measure ground resistance, with unique calibration function for wire resistance, anti-interference ability and environmental adaptability, to ensure the long-term measurement of high precision, high stability and reliability; The instrument out shell adopts waterproof protection case, anti-collision, anti-fall, waterproof (protection grade IP65),which is strong, safe and durable, the instrument is also equipped with large capacity rechargeable lithium battery pack, especially suitable for outdoor construction site to use.It is widely used in measuring ground resistance of electric power, telecommunication, meteorology, oil field, construction, lightning protection and industrial electrical equipment.

Xtester-ETCR3000C Digital Earth Resistance Tester has the unique function of wire resistance calibration, and it is more accurate to measure the low value ground resistance in the field, which can avoid the error caused by the change of wire resistance in the test line for a long time usage.It can avoid errors caused by incomplete insertion of test line into instrument interface or bad contact.It can avoid the error caused by the user to change or lengthen the test line..

Xtester-ETCR3000C Digital Grounding Resistance Tester is composed of host machine, monitoring software, test wires, communication wires etc. The large LCD display of host machine, with white backlight and bar graph indicating that can be seen clearly. At the same time it can store 400 sets of data, realize historical inquiry and online real-time monitoring by monitoring software, dynamic display, with the indicator of max/min/average value, and with alarm value setting and  alarm indicator functions, and with the functions as historical data access, reading, preservation, report forms, printing and so on.


Measurement Range and Accuracy

Measurement FunctionRangeAccuracyResolution
Earth Resistance0.01Ω~20Ω
(Auxiliary grounding resistance 100Ω±5%, Votage to ground<10V)
Earth Voltage0~600V AC±2%rdg±3dgt1V

Technical Specifications

Function Measurement of earth resistance, voltage to earth, low value resistance
Power Supply DC 7.4V 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery, full of about 8.4V
Backlight Controllable screen backlight, suitable for dim places
Measuring Mode Precision 3-wire measurement, simple 2-wire measurement
Measuring Method Earth Resistance: rated current change-pole method, measurement current 20mA Max
Earth Voltage: Average rectification
Test Frequency 128Hz/111Hz/105Hz/94Hz(AFC)
Short Circuit Test Current AC 20mA max
Data Mode Average value, maximum value, minimum value
Wire Resistance Verification To avoid errors caused by incomplete insertion of test wire into instrument interface or poor contact or replacement of extended test wire by users, so as to make the grounding resistance measurement more accurate
Display mode 4-digital super-large LCD display, white screen backlight
Measure indicator LED flash indicator and LCD count down display in measurement
LCD Dimension128mm×75mm; display area:124mmX67mm
Meter Dimension 280mm(L)×260mm(W)×160mm(H)
Test Wires 3 wires: each for red 15m, yellow 10m, and green 5m
Simple Test Wire 2 wires: each for red 1.6m and black 1.6m
Auxiliary Grounding Rod 2PCS: Φ10mm×150mm
Measuring Rate Earth Voltage: about 3 times/second; Earth resistance: about 15 seconds/time
Measuring Times Over 5000 times
Line Voltage Measurement of earth voltage: below AC 600V
Communication Interface With USB interface, software monitoring, storage data can be uploaded to computer, saved or printed.
Communication Wire One piece of USB communication wire, wire length 1.5m
Data Storage 400 sets, “FULL” symbol flash display storage is full
Data Hold Data hold function: “HOLD” symbol display
Data Access Data read function: “READ” symbol display
Overflow Display Exceed measuring range overflow function: “OL” symbol display
Alarm Function Measuring value exceeds alarm setting value, will "Toot-toot-toot" alarm hint
Auto-shut off Automatically shut down after 10 minutes of power on
Battery Voltage While battery voltage decreases to around 7.2V±0.1V, will display battery voltage low symbol“  ”, and remind to charging the battery
Power Consumption Backlight: 25mA Max
Standby: 25mA Max(Backlight shut down )
Measurement: 200mA Max(Backlight shut off)
Weight Tester: 2.29kg
Test wires: 0.847g(include the simple test wires)
Auxiliary Grounding Rod:0.468kg(2pcs)
Tester package: 0.915kg
Working Temperature & Humidity -10oC-40oC, below 80%rh
Storage temperature & humidity -20oC-60oC, below 70%rh
Protection Level IP65(close the case)
Overload Protection Measure earth resistance: between each interfaces of C(H)-E?P(S)-ES, AC 280V/3 seconds
Insulation Resistance Over 10MΩ (between circuit and outside shell is 500V)
Withstanding Voltage AC 3700V/rms. (Between circuit and outside shell)
Electromagnetic Features IEC61010-4-3,wireless frequency electromagnetic field?1V/m
Protection Type IEC61010-1 (CATIII 300V, CAT IV 150V, Pollution 2);
IEC61557-1 (Earth resistance);

Related Series Model


Earth Resistance


Selection Method

Measure Resistance


Double Clamp  Method Measure  Resistance


Soil Resistivity


Earth Voltage


AC Current


Data Storage


Xtester-ETCR3000+0.00~2000NoneNoneNone0~2000~1001000 --
Xtester-ETCR3000C0.00~2000NoneNoneNone0~600None400Waterproof protective shell
Xtester-ETCR3100C0.00~30000NoneNone0.00~9000k0~600None300Waterproof protective shell
Xtester-ETCR3200C0.00~300000.01~30000.01~1000.00~9000k0.0~100.00.00mA~600A2000Waterproof protective shell

Packing Details

Meter 1 PCS
Instrument Bags 1 PCS
Auxiliary Grounding Rod 2 PCS
Monitoring Software CD 1 COPY
USB Communication Cable 1 PCS
Test Wires 3 PCS
Simple Test Wires 2 PCS
Exclusive Charger
Manual/Warranty Card/Certificate 1 PCS

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